THE CONCERN is a record label, promoting the post-war settlement using the medium of pop music. We work with two groups presently, SUGAR COAT and THEE CONCERNED CITIZENS.

From Sugar Coat’s LP ‘Excuse The Mess, The new single (download only) 79p


Here’s the video

Sugar Coat are a trio from Lewisham who met in hospital.

SUGAR COAT’s debut 45 ‘Me Instead’ has sold out. Here’s the vid


Danielle Quinn : Pylon King : Billy Reeves

A trio from Lewisham who met in hospital.

“…shimmering orch-pop, cinematic allure, a classy vocal staking out rare intimacies
and honeyed eroticism”
Gavin Martin of Uncut

“Bloomin’ lovely!”
Sean Rowley, ‘All Back To Mine’, BBC Kent

“A lovely tune…. the best record to mention a blanket since Billie Joe Spears”
Gideon Coe of BBC 6Music

“has that happy/sad melancholia I love..epic deamland chamber music..congratulations all”
Ed Harcourt, writing in ‘Classic Pop’ Magazine

“This is lovely! *applause*”
Sophie Ellis-Bextor, huge pop star, Strictly Come Dancing Argentine Tango Queen and DJ

“A smart and sharp pop record… charming in every sense of the word…”
Push, Editor of Electronic Sound magazine

“..The best British pop group of the  year without a doubt – think an indie London Grammar or a Black Box Recorder for the 21st Century”
Andy Rogers, Senior Producer of Live Music at BBC Radio 1 & 1xtra

“I like this. This is good. Melody and melancholy”

David Quantick, writer, critic, BBC radio entertainer, ‘Emmy’ award-winner

“a languid retro confection”
Holly Johnson, Frankie Goes To Hollywood

“Sugar-coated, with a hard centre…. in a sea of mediocrity shines out like a beacon”
Paul Kramer Hit Sheet tastemaker / Freelance A&R guru

“dreamy, sultry… with Sixties inflections – echoes of Dusty …  yet a life and spirit of its own”
David Bennun, music critic for The Guardian

“Martin Hannett hits Nashville” Ian Button, Death In Vegas/Papernut Cambridge

“Smooth and swaying, with just a pinch of melodrama; more please!”
Rob Mesure, Assistant Editor, MusicOMH

“pop perfection” Gary Crowley, of BBC Radio London

“This record has its hooks in me DAMN YOU!”

Andrew Male, the Assistant Editor of Mojo

“Floaty echo-epic pop with big dreams” Chris Roberts of The Quietus and Q

“sugar-coated it may be, but what’s hidden beneath that sweet shell is purest diamond:
sparkling crystal pop, sharp enough to cut glass”
Marc Burrows of The Observer & Drowned in Sound

“I’ve not heard anything quite like this for many years…”
Jeff Smith, Head of Music, Radio 2/6 Music

“I LOVE this record. I’d open my show with it IF I HAD ONE!!”
Danny Baker

“simply…really very good”
John Aizlewood, Music Critic, London Evening Standard

“very impressed with Sugar Coat..great singer!”
Dee O’Neill, The Undertones

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THEE CONCERNED CITIZENS ALBUM IS STILL AVAILABLE as a digital download £5.99 or ltd edition CD cut from acetate £9.99 http://www.blang.co.uk/music?view=album&album=57 (59p per song)

SINGLE TRACKS 59p a pop http://www.blang.co.uk/music?view=album&album=57

TCCS are

ANDY LEWIS (Weller’s bass player) CHRIS T-T (Hoodrats singer)

STEVE ‘SMILEY’ BARNARD (Drummer of Joe Strummer’s Mescalaros)

BRENTFORD (Thee Faction’s songwriter) ADAM DEVLIN (The Bluetones’ guitarist)

The press said of ‘Solution Songs’…

  • “..an in-your-face masterpiece” [5/5] BOFF WHALLEY (CHUMBAWAMBA) R2 MAGAZINE
  • “a timely tonic” [4/5] DAILY MIRROR
  • “..catchy agitprop pop… the activist’s response when Sleaford Mods’ grinding anomie is too much” [4/5] MOJO
  • “.. pop music promoting positive action, well done!” TOM ROBINSON BBC 6Music
  • “..without a trace of piety, the music is full of celebration and fight… surely one of the most important political protest albums of recent times” LOUDER THAN WAR
  • “A truly great album” [9/10] VIVE LE ROCK
  • “brilliant, supercharged, politically aware R&B with a distinct nod in the direction of Wilko Johnson-era Dr Feelgood” RECORD COLLECTOR
  • “…there won’t be a better album this year, comrade” THE BLUES MAGAZINE
  • “Brilliant, timely, and educational..” TIME OUT
  • “…swaggering, sexy, hard-boiled rock ‘n’ roll with a conscience and a point to make” ZOE HOWE, Wilko Johnson’s biographer